No fire in this flint

Here’s all the kit for making fire and stone-age tools. I have a handful of flint-stones, but I haven’t yet worked out the method and tools to use to turn them into sharp edges. A Mesolithic arrowhead seems a long way off.

I haven’t yet managed to coax a spark out of the flint, even with the relatively modern flint-and-steel.

When I twirl the fire-drill, I get a little bit of heat in the end of the drill, but it will take lots more time and energy to make enough glow to light the tinder.

Maybe i’ll set up a relay of grandchildren on Christmas Day. If we keep twirling the drill all morning, we might work up enough of a spark to light the barbecue.

Today I feel even more strongly for Bhòid, the hero of twin stars, as he struggles to make fir with a fire-drill during a very wet Scottish Spring.

Thanks to Survival Supplies Australia https://www.survival supplies

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